Myanmar Coup Monitor

A Community-led Myanmar Coup D'état 2021 Monitoring and Information Management Project

(MYA ENG) Yangon Townships Maps (MYA ENG) CRPH Facebook Posts Dataset (6 February 2021 to 27 February 2021) (MYA ENG) CRPH Statements Archive (MYA) 27 February 2021 Mis/Dis/Mal-information, PsyWar, Hate Speech, Incitement of Violence (PHOTOS AND VIDEOS) Violent Crackdowns in Yangon (Hledan and Myenigon), Myitkyina, Monwya and Mandalay Cities on 27 February 2021 (MYA ENG) CRPH 15 Key Members Dataset (ENG) Security Forces Cracked Down on Peaceful Protesters with Excessive Force in Yangon City on 26 February 2021 (ENG) Violent Crackdown in Mandalay City on 26 February 2021 (MYA) National League for Democracy Facebook Posts (2 February to 23 February 2021) Dataset (MYA) Pro-military/Pro-Tatmadaw/Pro-SAC Mob Attack in Yangon on 25 February (ENG) Committees Representing State Region Hluttaw (Geospatial Shapefile) Data Updated on 22 February 2021 (MYA ENG) Committees Representing State or Region Level Hluttaw or Assembly Map (As of 22 February 2021) (MYA ENG) Tatmadaw Affiliated Facebook Pages Data Table (ENG) 198 METHODS OF NONVIOLENT ACTION (MYA) ကြားကာလပြည်သူ့အုပ်ချုပ်ရေးအစီအစဉ် CRPH People Administration during Transition (ENG) Crisis Group Publication: Responding to the Myanmar Coup (MYA) SAC Facebook Posts Dataset (2 February 2021 to 23 February 2021) (MYA) Junta SAC Facebook Page Images Archive (2 February 2021 to 23 February 2021) (MYA ENG) State-sponsored Massacre in Mandalay City on 20 February 2021 Protected: (MYA) 19 Feb 2021 Mis/Dis/Mal-information, PsyWar, and Hate Speech