(PHOTOS AND VIDEOS) Violent Crackdowns in Yangon (Hledan and Myenigon), Myitkyina, Monwya and Mandalay Cities on 27 February 2021

Police raided houses and detained protesters in Mandalay (Corner of 35th Street and 65th Street)

Communities nearby Monwya city placed barriers to prevent the military trucks as they heard battalions under Division 33 is coming to Monwya for backup

Police in Monwya beat and arrested a snack seller after the crackdown

Police in plain cloth arrested Kyaw Kyaw Win from Monwya Gazette News in Monwya City in Sagaing Region

Police in Myitkyi City, Kachin State detained a teacher who participated in the protest

Police arrested protesters in Yangon and Monwya cities

Police used tear gas to disperse protester in Myenigon in Yangon

Police threatened medics at gunpoint and arrested a pregrent in Yangon

Police stole/looted properties of protesters and bystanders after the crackdown in Yangon

Police used civilian vehicle to disperse pro-democracy protesters in Yangon

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